Beef mineral

Feeding a balanced, complete mineral package is important to meet the cow’s requirements of calcium, phosphorus and other vitamins and minerals to maintain herself while also producing milk for her calf still at side and her growing calf since rebreeding.

We have a variety of beef range minerals on hand and many others available. They include:
* High-Plains 12:9 custom mineral - Our most popular mineral is a 12% Calcium, 9% Phosphorus free-choice mineral ideal for year-round use in our area. It is very well fortified with trace minerals, including 3000 parts per million of Copper, which is chronically deficient across nearly all of Southeastern Colorado. Shortages of copper contribute to sub-par reproduction as well as causing immune system failure. 

    Zinc is also heavily supplemented in High-Plains 12-9. Like copper, zinc is critical to reproduction and the immune system, as well as being necessary in strengthening skin and hoofs, which can help prevent footrot. 

    With 300,000 units per pound, this mineral also contains plenty of Vitamin A for maintaining cows on dry grass, whether it’s winter grass or droughty summer grazing. 

     In addition, this mineral contains no added Selenium, since so much of the area is high in alkali and other high selenium soils, and there is no added Iron, which can tie up some of the most critical trace minerals, making them unavailable to the animal. 

* High-Plains 12:9 custom mineral with Availa 4 - We also have this custom-made 12:9 mineral in a version with Availa 4, so it is in a chelated mineral for faster absorption.

* Wind & Rain mineral - This mineral is a palatable, weather-resistant, granular formula made by Purina. It is 12% Calcium, 12% Phosphorus.

*Hi-Cal custom mineral - This custom-made mineral is designed to be used in Dried Distillers Grains-based rations. It includes vitamin and trace mineral fortification, as well as rumensin. (No VFD required for rumensin, which is an ionophore that helps with feed efficiency.) 

*Custom mineral tubs - ADM Animal Nutrition makes us a tub that is 7.5% calcium, 6.5% Phosphorus with added copper and zinc for our region. It comes in 200-pound tub. Consumption is more consistent than with free-choice dry mineral.