Weaning & retaining calves? Start ‘em fast

Some ranchers are choosing to retain and feed their calves. Our preconditioning, receiving and weaning rations are complete "start 'em fast" programs. Options include:

  • Pre-Conditioning/ Receiving Chow is a highly-palatable weaning pellet. It's a fortified, 12% protein pellet. Since Veterinary Feed Directive (VFDs) went into effect in January 2017, we will carry two different plain version and only sell the medicated  version with chlortetracycline & sulfamethazin with a valid VFD. This product is the original, proven weaning feed from Purina that has been used by stockmen for years to get calves off to fast start.
  • Custom rations are available. We can custom design weaning and growing rations specifically for your operation, using available roughage and tailoring average daily gains to meet your goals.
Let us help you get your calves off to a healthy start so they can live up to their performance potential. Call, email or stop by and see owner Curt Russell to review the options best for you.