Reach genetic potential with new technology

WW Feed owners and several large progressive ranchers have latched on to ADM Animal Nutrition's new science-backed technology called AminoGain, which helps livestock develop to their full genetic potential. AminoGain is NOT an artificial additive or drug. It is a pelleted product used in rations that are balanced for specific amino acids, rather than just crude protein, to meet the nutritional needs of today�s genetically advanced beef cattle and allow animals to put on more lean muscle tissue instead of body fat. AminoGain can be compatible with natural beef programs, too.

Beef feeds tailored to your needs

WW Feed & Supply has a full line of manufactured feeds for the beef industry ton ADM Animal Nutrition, Agfinity, Colorado Mills, and Ranchers Choice, plus we custom mix on a daily basis for our customers.

Supplementation is important since typical protein levels of dry winter grama grass are 3 to 6%. Since even dry cows in mid-gestation need a minimum of 7% protein for efficient digestion of forage and to maintain themselves and their growing fetus, supplementation of some sort is necessary. As winter progresses and calving time approaches those needs rise to about 8%. After calving, as the cow starts milking, protein needs rise to 9 to10% of the total diet. First-calf heifers, heavy-milking cows and cows in thin body condition may require more supplementation.

Thus, one of the main questions that cattlemen should be asking is how to provide that protein most economically and conveniently. We�d like to help you explore options:

  • Liquid feed - Mix 30 is a high-energy alternative to the typical urea and molasses liquid feeds. Mix 30 is a natural, palatable, consistent and nutrient-rich blend of corn and soy ingredients. This liquid feed, which supplies a combination of protein and energy, appears to be an economical option this year. We deliver by the semi load, you can check out one of our transport trailers or you can pick it up in your own container.
  • Custom mixes - We do mixes ALL DAY LONG! Our most popular mix right now is dried distillers grains, corn & mineral. We can tailor it - or any mix - to your herd's needs. Let Ryan help balance your feed ration.
  • Cubes - We have 26% and 28% protein cubes available. Our cubes are manufactured by Colorado Mills, and Furst-McNess. Quality control of all ingredients and finished product is excellent and prices are competitive. We offer 26% and 28% cubes in 50# bags. We offer 26% and 28% cubes in bulk quantities such as tote bags as well as semi loads. The 26% is fortified sunflower based and the 28% is DDG based.
    We even sell T&S Trip Hopper cube feeders to help you measure out the appropriate amount of daily feed.
  • Tubs - The most convenient way to provide protein is with self-fed protein tubs, however tubs are usually the most expensive option. We carry all natural 25% protein tub by ADM Animal Nutrition and a 28% protein tub by Ranchers Choice. We also carry a 35% Protein 10% Fat cow tub by ADM Animal Nutrition.
  • Hay - Alfalfa is the polar opposite of tubs. Alfalfa may be a good way to stretch grass supplies. However, hay is much higher in cost and in short supply this year. It also requires time, labor, and regular pasture trips with the hidden costs for high-priced fuel, oil & tires. Don't forget to calculate all the costs of handling and delivering that hay when you are figuring out your best option.