Goat nutrition

Goats are a growing livestock segment. The meat goat industry in Colorado continues to grow as demand for goat meat, primarily for various ethnic markets, continues to outpace domestic production. Goat meat, also known as chevon, has to be imported to meet the growing demand, providing an opportunity for domestic producers to raise a profitable product on limited acreage.
Some products are specifically geared for goats, including:

  • Kid milk replacer – We carry Sav-A-Kid that is 23% Protein and 26% Fat. This comes in a powder form in either an 8# bag or 25# bag. This product is designed to supplement those twins or triplets as well as orphaned kids.
  • CCA – WW Feed & Supply makes a corn-cottonseed meal-alfalfa pellet mix that makes a good goat feed. It is 15.5% protein available in 50# bags, ton tote bags or in bulk.
  • Goat mineral – This mineral is geared specifically for goats. It includes copper (which sheep don’t tolerate, but goats need) and zinc for supple skin coat, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D for strong bone and hoof development, potassium, sodium, sulfur, iron, cobalt, iodine and manganese for overall health, vitamin E and selenium for healthy immune systems and vitamin A for reproductive efficiency.

The above products will supplement a goat’s forage efforts. Goats do a good job of cleaning up weeds and brush that other species of livestock rarely utilize, but a balanced diet is needed for optimum health.

Other goat feeds are available by special order. Like all our species lines, WW Feed & supply has an array of other ADM Alliance Nutrition feeds available with some advance notice.