Flies & insects

WW Feed & Supply carries an assortment of fly sprays, rubs, powders and insecticides to help control flies on your livestock and around your facilities.

Tempo, Permectrin and other liquid insecticide concentrates are available for perimeter treatments. We also have sprays and spot-ons for various species. Dust bags and cattle rubs, as well as pour-ons, are ways to administer fly control. Mosquito spray, floating chunks and granules also are available. Specifically, we have on hand:

  • Agrimectrin – Pour-on insecticide comes in several sizes for control of horn flies, face flies, biting lice & sucking lice on cattle.
  • Bronco – Economy fly control spray for horses and dogs comes in quarts & gallons.
  • Cattle Rubs – Fiber filled 3, 5, and 10-foot socks to string up between trees, then covered with insecticide, so cattle can self-dose. We carry insecticide to put on the rub, as well as “bullets” and “fly-up strips” to make your rub even more effective.
  • Country Vet fly spray – This is a 6.4 oz. refill for the automatic metered sprayers. We also carry the automatic units, which work great in the office or garage.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – This 50-pound bag can be fed free-choice to cattle as a natural larvicide. It cuts up the larvae before they hatch in the manure.
  • Dust-Away Bags – Bags to hang in the pasture & fill with insecticide dust so cattle can self-dose. We also carry Permectrin insecticide refill dust.
  • Enforcer Wasp & Hornet killer- 1-lb. spray can you can aim right at the nest.
  • Equi-Spot – Contains a treatment dose for controlling flies, gnats, mosquitoes & ticks on horses. It really works.
  • Fly bonnet – Horse fly bonnet for horses which dislike sprays.
  • Fly strips – Sticky strips still come in handy to hang from the ceiling.
  • Fly traps – individual self-contained, disposable traps or traps for the top of milk jugs. We carry both styles, plus we carry the fly trap attractant concentrate in 4 oz & 16 oz refills.
  • Insectrin – Concentrate comes in 8 oz, and 1 quart liquid concentrates for direct livestock applications or for the perimeter. We also carry Permectrin in a 2 pound dust, which works well on chickens and the hen house or on swine, cattle.
  • Mosquito Halt – 1 quart repellant spray for horses.
  • ProZap LD-44Z - 25 oz can of flying insect control labeled for several species.
  • ProZap Dairy & Ranch insect spray - An effective oil-based insecticide in either 1 gallon or 2.5 gallon jug. Great for stable systems or just in a spray bottle.
  • Pyranah Equine Spray & Wipe and Pyranah Wipe & Spray - available in quarts and both sprays work well.
  • Tempo – Ultra premise spray concentrate only takes a few drops mixed with water to make a huge impact. We’ve watch the flies drop off the sprayed barn wall. It will keep an assortment of insects away from the house & out buildings.
  • UltraShield – Absorbine’s sweat resistant fly control formula comes in a quart spray or in towel wipes.