Local flavor

WW Feed & Supply is proud to have several customers who skillfully hand-craft items. Colorado’s lower Arkansas River valley has numerous creative offerings and we’re proud to promote the craftsmanship of the local area. They’d make PERFECT gifts! Items currently for sale include:

  • Photo cards Rancher Joy Wooten often carries her camera to capture ranch life. Brandings, scenic mesa shots, cattle and horses, plus the people of the area, are often captured in her original photos, which she puts into cards.
  • Compact Discs Kurt Corsair & Tom Knowlton and their Open Range band feature country bluegrass songs on their newest album, “Spirit,” as well as “American Story.”
  • Signed books Local author/rancher James Willcox has produced “Choices”. This paperback book is his first novel.
  • Original pencil drawings Artist David Alwin offers framed horse sketches, which are bursting with realistic detail in his award-winning style.

Other items, such as horse shoe candle holders, boot wind chimes and mounted original photos fill the walls of WW Feed & Supply. If you can’t make it to La Junta and want a close-up photo of a specific custom item, please let us know and we’ll try to meet your shopping needs!