Pet foods & supplies

Selecting the proper food for your pet is important. There is NO soybean meal in any of our dog and cat foods. (Soybean meal is a filler that often causes gas and is used in commercial pig feed.)  NONE of our pet foods are soy-based. What that means is your pet requires less food and you have less mess to clean up.

So, our lines are higher quality and your pet needs less of it. We believe that better quality pet food means better digestion and health for your pet. It’s what we use, and what several area vets recommend.

WW Feed & Supply carries a full line of pet food in a price range to fit your budget. They include:

  • Proud Paws pet food, made for ADM Animal Nutrition, provides good nutrition. Paws online coupons can be found at Paws comes in:
    • Performance (27% / 18%) for hard working/growing canines – 40# bag.
    • Hi-Pro (26% / 11%) for adult/normally-active dogs – 40# bag.
    • Cat (31.5% / 11%) for cats & kittens – 40# bag.
  • Country Vet dog food, is an economic pet food we’ve added to our lineup. It provides basic nutrition. Country Vet comes in:
    • Choice Active (26% / 18%) for hard-working dogs. It also meets the needs of gestating & lactating females -50# bag. 
    • Choice Hi-Pro (27% / 12%) for moderately active dogs – 50# bag.
    • Choice Maintenance (21% / 8%) for mature/less-active dogs – 50# bag.
    • Choice cat (30% / 11%) for cats & kittens – in 40# bags.