Poultry – from babies to feed, we can help

WW Feed & Supply partners with Privett Hatchery to sell baby poultry. Click here for 2019 price list. We handle customer’s special orders weekly ALL spring long. Yes, we take small orders of 2 babies or a whole corner or box. Each one receives TLC, heat, food & water until you swing by after work to pick them up.

To help you get ready for those 2-day old arrivals, here are a few    Baby poultry tips >

WW Feed & Supply offers several poultry feeds as well as selling the baby chicks, ducklings, poults, etc. themselves. The feed selection includes:

  • Starter/Grower – This crumble is geared for laying breed chicks age 1-20 weeks of age. We carry Ranch-Way starter in 40# bags.
  • Layer crumbles – We carry both 16% and 20% protein crumbles for layer hens. The 16% is a complete ration, where the 20% protein crumble is a balancer feed designed to be fed with scratch or other grains and oyster shell. 50# bags available.
  • Layer pellets – This 16% protein pellet acts as the sole ration for layer hens, like the 16% crumble, but in a convenient pellet form. 50# bags available.
  • Broiler Finisher - This non-medicated crumble is designed for ducks, geese and meat chickens (ie: Cornish-cross broilers/fryers). 50# bags available.
  • Scratch grains – This is a mix of whole milo, cracked corn and wheat that we create. Available in 50# bags, ton tote bags or bulk.
  • Oyster shell & chick grit – These supplements are available in 50# bags.
  • Turkey/Game Bird - We carry both a starter and a grower. The 28% protein crumble is perfect for starting your turkey poults, guinea keets, pheasants and quail. And, we have Turkey/Game Bird Grower to fit their dietary needs as they grow. 50# bags available.

If you are short on cash or just have a small flock, we carry many of the above chicken feeds “by the pound” where you can weigh out the desired amount.