Recent Events

WW Feed & Supply has a huge community outreach program. Highlights from some recent events are:

‘Awesome’ clinic teaches 4-H’ers new show skills

ROCKY FORD – Show livestock “professors” aided youth on Saturday, June 1 during a free Stock Show University at the Arkansas Valley Fairgrounds in Rocky Ford.

Youth and their parents all got an education about daily hair care, showmanship, clipping, and grooming for their 4-H and FFA beef projects at the annual event coordinated by WW Feed & Supply.

Mike Cone of Portales, NM, and his daughter Kaly, a champion showmen attending Oklahoma State University, provided demonstrations and hands-on learning. The free Stock Show U began at the wash rack, with daily hair care lessons. As the morning shifted into showmanship, the Cones had youth hold “ghost” calves and show sticks to help correctly position hands, feet and stick height; then return to the ring with calves at side to learn where to stand relative to their calf, where to place their steer’s feet, and even how to set the pace or safely slow down a too-eager animal that greatly outweigh them. By the final lap around the ring, parents murmured on the sidelines about the visible skill improvement. One-on-one assistance proved beneficial to novice who needed basics, and to advanced showman, who gained extra tips.

The third session was clipping. Cone first used chalk on the hide of Cooper Winter’s steer to show where to clip and why. “Clip the high spots and leave the low spots. Make a box then round off the edges,” Cone began. As the professors worked, they transformed the steer’s appearance.

In addition to the hands-on lessons, the professors fielded questions from those eager to learn, and wrapped up the day with a discussion of show-day grooming. Cone reminded the crowd that each animal is different, but the goal is always to enhance the strengths and downplay the weaknesses.

WW Feed & Supply’s Curt & Susan Russell offered their first Steer-Aid Clinic in 2008 as a way to “give back” and help educate youth. Many animals were stalled overnight and participated in the multi-breed Junior Extravaganza and open jackpot on Sunday, June 2. Susan said they were thrilled to see facebook posts and listen to comments calling the weekend “awesome!”



WW Feed launched Ranchers For Hospice Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

WW Feed & Supply owners Curtis & Susan Russell wanted to add a bit of western flavor to their remodeled store & mill, and opted to raise charity funds in the process.

Curt & Susan created & launched 'Ranchers for Hospice.' Beginning in January 2017, area ranchers were able to add their brand on the Russell's U.S. Highway 50 warehouse, with all proceeds going to Arkansas Valley Hospice.

Here's how the program works: Donation levels are $150 for one year, or $500 for four years. In exchange for a Hospice donation, the WW Feed & Supply crew puts your brand and name our warehouse.

La Junta Trading Co. donated the plywood & paint, and WW Feed & Supply is donating the labor and other materials to create and mount your brand sign to show your support for Hospice. Since all the materials are donated, 100% of your contribution goes direct to Arkansas Valley Hospice.

We are grateful that so many generous ranchers. Our Ranchers for Hospice wall of brands is full. Contact us for the 2020 waiting list.