Sheep nutrition

Through the centuries, sheep have been selected and bred to produce meat and fiber. Flock management, including nutrition, is essential in all niches of the market.
Sheep are exceptional grazers. While grass or legume pastures provide excellent forage, additional nutrients are needed for optimum production. Some of our products specifically geared for sheep are:

  • Lamb milk replacer – We carry milk replacer is a 24% protein, 35% fat powder designed to supplement those twins or triplets, or an orphan lamb. It is available in a 25# bag.
  • Sheep Concentrate – We carry a fortified meal concentrate. It is a 30% protein concentrate designed to be mixed with grains as a source of needed protein and energy for ewes during breeding, late gestation or lactation. It is available in 50# bags for your own mixing, or we can put it in a custom ration which can be provided in 50# bags, ton tote bags or in bulk.
  • Sheep mineral bags– This loose mineral, from Purina, is a balanced mineral package designed for free-choice feeding. Consumption average is ¼ to ¾ ounces per head per day. It is available in 50# bags.
  • Sheep mineral blocks – This block also is a balanced mineral package with no added copper in a convenient 40# block.

Other sheep feeds are available by special order. Like all our species lines, WW Feed & Supply has an array of other Purina Animal Nutrition or ADM Alliance Nutrition feeds available with some advance notice. Just ask!