Show feeds & supplies

WW Feed & Supply creates & balances custom show rations, plus floor stocks many of ADM/MoorMan’s ShowTec show lines, and its own show mixes. We strive to keep fresh, quality feed to help develop, grow and finish your show animals.

On hand, by species, for are:


  • Winner’s Choice – WW Feed ration has produced numerous champions. It already includes cottonseed hulls, show bloom, beet pulp and other extras. It is freshly made in a 12% protein, 5% fat textured ration and available in 50# bags, ton tote bags or bulk.
  • Natural Choice – WW Feed also makes a growing and finishing ration used as a show feed or commercial locker finisher. It is a 12% protein, 4% fat textured ration available in 50# bags, ton tote bags or bulk.
  • Beef supplements – We have a 36% protein & vitamin pellet and a 40/20 pellet with rumensin on hand. In addition we have the AminoGain concentrate by ADM available in 50# bags so you can top dress, mix it yourself or we can use it in your custom mix.


  • ShowTec AminoGain Goat – This ADM show feed is 16% protein, 4% fat pellet with the new-technology AminoGain. Available in 50# bags.
  • Performance Goat - This Colorado Mills show feed is 18% protein, 7% fat pellet. Available in 50# bags.


  • Lamb Starter – We carry a NON-VFD starter to launch your project. Available in 50# bags.
  • Lamb Chop – WW Feed & Supply ration is popular and freshly made. This is our most popular mix, which has fed many champions. It is 18% protein, 4% fat textured ration available in 50# bags, ton tote bags or bulk.
  • ShowTec 18 Elite – This ADM textured show feed #11317 is 18% protei, 2.7% fat. Available in 50# bags


  • ShowTec feeds – We have ADM show feeds in various protein levels. Floor stocked feeds include BB 18 #18241, ST HiFat 18 #18007, ST #11148 with dewormer, and ST Sale burst #21206. Especially on swine show feeds, manufacturer code numbers have changed and become NON-VFD rations.

Multi-species supplements
In addition to those mentioned above, we carry:

  • Beet Pulp – We carry the beet pulp shreds to help get a fill on your animals. It is available in 40# bags.
  • Fast Fuel – This ShowTec top dress is for swine, sheep, cattle, horses and goats and includes the beneficial advantage due to availability of octacosanol. It is available in 25# bags.
  • Show Bloom – This top dress is for swine, sheep, cattle, horses and goats is available in 50# bags.
  • Winning Fill – This supplement for beef adds lower body fill. Available in 50# bundle.

Most of the feeds above are already fortified with vitamins and minerals. Stop in our store for feed tags.
We also carry species-specific mineral supplements, available in 50# bags or smaller buckets.
We’d also be glad to help guide your feeding options throughout your 4-H and FFA project year.

Sullivan Supply dealer

WW Feed & Supply is a Sullivan Supply dealer and we keep our shelves stocked with grooming supplies & items, so you can easily pick up what you need to ensure your tack box is stocked.

Items include: Anti-fungal dip, Appetite express paste, dye, Black finisher, Bright lights shampoo, Calf calm, Clear choice shampoo, Cool blue brace, Electro-charge paste, EZ comb, eZall Its Gone, eZall wash, Final Bloom, Formula 1, Freshen Up, Fungus Fighter, Goat Coat, Hair set, Hair savior, Hair Volumizer, Hocus Pocus, Hog heaven, Hot Sweat, Kleen Sheen, Liniment hair stimulator, Mousse, Orvus shampoo, Pink oil, Prime Time, Purple oil, Rag oil, Revive, Revive Lite, Shock, Show sheen, Silk, Sudden impact, Swine shine, Swat, Tail adhesive, Touchup in various colors, White lightning, White pearl, Wonder wool, UltraSheen concentrate, and Zoom bloom!!

PLUS, we’ve got blower foggers, eZall foamers and mini foamers, scotch combs in a variety of styles, exhibitor clips, scotch comb loops, neck sweats, rotary brushes, beef rice root brushes, beef show sticks & soft stroke tips; rope & show halters, breaking halters, nose pads, pig brushes, pig poles & whips, sheep tubes & shells, sheep cards, sheep muzzles, sheep shearers, sheep/goat hoof trimmers, sheep/goat grooming stands, goat chains & collars, feed tubs, feed scoops, etc.

We also have:

  • Sullivan beef fitting chutes;
  • Sullivan tack boxes;
  • Sullivan livestock blowers; and
  • A full line of livestock clippers and blades (see separate page).

Let us help you get your animals looking their best for the show ring!