Swine nutrition

WW Feed & Supply’s swine feed lineup takes your animal from crate to slaughter and covers everything in between.

  • Crate milk replacer – This ADM Alliance Nutrition powder is at 21% protein, 2.5% lysine and 15% fat. It is designed to help supplement a big litter or an orphan. It is available in 25# bags.
  • Commercial 16 - This Agfinity pig pellet is 16% protein available in 50# bags.
  • Pigmaster 50L – This ADM Alliance Nutrition feed is a mineral supplement meant to be used with corn and soybean meal to mix a variety of growing and breeding rations.
  • Hog 40 Concentrate – This WW Feed & Supply concentrate is designed as a supplement for growing and finishing swine. It is 40% protein with a high level of supplemental fat to increase the energy density of the finished ration. It is a fortified meal available in 50# bags, or in
    bulk/ton tote bags.

Like all our species lines, WW Feed & Supply has an array of other ADM Alliance Nutrition feeds available with some advance notice. We also carry water nipples, hog rings, scalpels, iodine, self feeders, etc.